The Invisible Struggles: How the Mother Wound Affects High-Functioning Adults

Welcome to February, a month that often echoes with the whispers of love. In the spirit of understanding and healing, this month's blog delves into a crucial but often overlooked aspect of the Mother Wound—its impact on high-functioning adults.


I often discuss how this wound shapes the experiences of women, men, and children, but what about those navigating the complex worlds of business, professions, and side hustles?


The Mother Wound has many dimensions. While I detail six major types in my wo…

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New Year, New Possibilities

As we step into the fresh canvas of January, a new year is filled with possibilities and potential. Between the holiday reflections and the weight of current events on our minds and collective psyche, I am grateful for this moment to share thoughts with you in this January blog.


January symbolizes new beginnings, a time to embark on the year's journey with renewed energy and hope. Have you been or begun engaging in something that truly resonates with your passion? Can you feel the vitality of be…

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Have you heard the expression: I’m so busy I don’t have time to sneeze? It’s ridiculous, but it’s a state we can get into when pressed for a deadline, hosting an event, doing holiday shopping, cooking, cleaning, schoolwork, kid work, and so on. Read my latest blog post for some quick, actionable tips to help you slow down and breathe this holiday season.

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Where the Light Enters

When we create, we tap into an unknown source in our psyche. It's a space where our thoughts, emotions, and imagination meld together. Our brains light up, our neurons fire with creativity, our breath takes care of itself, and our state of mind shifts, often into a deeply meditative process. Learn more in my latest blog post.

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Overriding vs. Overcoming: Navigating Emotional Challenges

Are you Overcoming or Overriding?  When an emotion hits us, it just does, no choice; it just is. What happens next has a lot to do with who we are, where we are, and how we are used to responding to emotions. When an emotion hits us, it can be loud or subtle. Did I Override a feeling, or am I working to Overcome a familiar pattern? Learn more in my latest blog post.

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Am I an Imposter? Overcoming the Mother Wound and Embracing Authenticity

The feeling of being an imposter can be a telltale sign of a mother wound. This complex and often insidious attachment wound can leave us with lingering self-doubt, a lack of self-recognition, and a deep-seated fear that we will never fully be worthy of living up to our life’s potential. Read my latest blog post to learn more about embracing your authentic self.

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Embracing the Transition: Welcoming the Almost-Fall Season

While the calendar may not signal the beginning of a new year, the almost fall season carries its own unique energy of change and renewal. It's a period of transition, a bridge between the carefree days of summer and the structured routines that await us.   Read my latest blog post to learn how to embrace this period of change and stride confidently toward your dreams!

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_Connecting with Nature

Finding Beauty in Imperfection

Today, I want to share with you the inspiring story of my recent vacation - an adventure that taught me valuable lessons about embracing imperfection, finding beauty in challenges, and the profound journey of self-discovery.
Upon reaching our accommodation, we were welcomed by a muggy room teeming with insects inside and out. Ouch, the itchy bites left their mark on me. Yet, amidst these imperfections, I learned that the word "perfect" has a broader definition. It wasn't about an idyllic experien…

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