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Hello and welcome to my website!

I’m Mari, a licensed Art and Trauma Therapist but LET’S BE CLEAR, I am not acting as a therapist and we are not building a therapeutic relationship here on this website. Here my role is one of educator and coach, serving in your best interest.

As your educator and coach, this is a place to find creative courses, guided meditations, and more.

I am passionate about helping people live fulfilling lives by finding creative ways to loosen patterns from childhood that prevent us from having more joy and less perfectionism in our lives.

With over 20 years of experience working in the healing arts, I also bring experience running groups and teaching both online and in person.


One such group arose when I noticed a common thread among women who were so hard on themselves: They had experienced a mother wound. I felt passionate about finding ways to heal this early experience and created the Daughters of Critical Mothers (DOCM) for them to heal, and they are healing.

To reach more people who have had such a wound, I created an online course and book, tailored to all genders wanting to overcome this emotional wound, and added a group community for support and coaching.

These interactive programs offer a unique and unusual “bag of tricks” to help heal this energy and the inner critical voices that can accompany it.

These online courses are educational, supportive, and heart-opening. They combine art-making, guided meditations, and group sharing.

Hope to see you there!


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Free Resources
 These resources are free for you to enjoy -
try one or try them all!

Guided Mediations available for purchase. These meditations are specially designed to bring you peace, relaxation, calm and inner strength. 

Overcoming the Mother Wound:


Helping to Heal the Mother Wound
Tools, Resources, Guided Meditations & More
to Help Lessen the Impact of Attachment Wounds

10 Reasons to Heal Your Critical Voices:

#1: So you can stop beating yourself up over your mistakes.

#2: So you can take on new projects with joy.

#3: So you can let go of your perfectionist (she can be so mean!)

#4: So you can create more self-value.

#5: So you can take some time for yourself (you deserve it!)

#6: So you can become more of an expert in your own self-care.

#7: So you can overcome limiting beliefs and attitudes.

#8: So you can feel more deserving of good things!

#9: So you can have a more peaceful state of mind.

#10: So you can identify your tired old patterns and release them


Sign up for my newsletter to get inspiring, uplifting, and sometimes informational
emails delivered to your inbox!