About Mari Grande


Hi. I’m Mari Grande. I am passionate about finding creative ways to connect, heal, and learn.

As a licensed Art and Trauma Therapist, I love working with people and being part of their healing experience.

I developed this space, Creative Healing Integration (CHI), from what I believe is my soul’s purpose.

After having a private in-person practice for over 20 years, I leaped to the online world as a venue to reach even more people.

Creative Healing Integration has become a place where there are a variety of offerings and resources. You’ll find courses, guided meditations, and creative exercises to bring calm, clarity, and comfort.

Coming from a trauma-informed background, I am aware of the healing powers that lie within, the courage and grace required to heal from adversity.

This phenomenon is expressed in the Dahlia flower, which I honor as the Creative Healing Integration, Inc., logo.


I chose the Dahlia flower deliberately to represent the courage, beauty, and strength it takes to experience and invite in the healing powers available to you.

Dahlias symbolize grace under pressure, inner strength, and the move toward major life changes (usually, positive changes!). 

Dahlias can also represent the balance between certain ideas like relaxation and adventure.

The dahlia symbolizes strength in adversity – no matter what the challenge might be.


Daughters of Critical Mothers (DOCM).
An online digital course to heal using art, guided meditations, live Q&A, and more. You can find out more HERE.

Daughters of Critical Mothers Online Group.
Live (online) group experience expanding on the DOCM course (requires completion of the online course as a pre-requisite). Learn more about the DOCM Live Group by contacting Mari via email HERE

Guided Meditations.
You can find them HERE.

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More about me, myself, and I.

While I am a licensed therapist, for this website I am acting as a coach in your creative healing and calming endeavors.

I do enjoy a lifetime love of learning with a focus on the healing arts as you can see with my background and experience here:


Dahlia_JG2_YellPurp_Lg  Clinical Social Worker in New York, New Jersey, California

Dahlia_JG2_Orig_Lg  Creative Arts Therapist

Dahlia_JG2_Blue_Lg  Fine Arts Teacher

Certifications, Credentials, Designations:

Dahlia_JG2_YellRed_Lg  EMDR Certified Therapist and Consultant

Dahlia_JG2_CyanPurp_Lg  Somatic Experience Practitioner (SEP)

DahliaYellow_JG3_Green_Lg  Hypnotherapist

DahliaYellow_JG3_YellRed_Lg  Integrative Trauma Studies

DahliaYellow_JG3_CyanRed_Lg  M.A.R.I. (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) Practitioner

DahliaYellow_JG3_Green  Psychoanalyst, Institute for Expressive Analysis

Dahlia_JG2_Orig_Sm  Art Therapy Board Certification and Registration


DahliaYellow_JG3_Blue  Master of Social Work

DahliaYellow_JG3_Yellow  Master of Fine Arts

Dahlia_JG2_YellPurp_Sm  Graduate Art Therapy

Dahlia_JG2_Blue_Sm  Bachelor of Fine Arts

Dahlia_JG2_CyanPurp_Sm  Graduate Early Childhood Education

DahliaYellow_JG3_Green_Sm  Bachelor of Arts

Well? Ready to explore your inner world through creativity and relaxation?
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