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5 Creative Ways to Soothe Anxiety 

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"What is My Level of Anxiety?"

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Creatively Calm Mandala Moment

This handy guide includes breathing and art exercises you can easily incorporate into your daily routine, and be your “go to” when you want to switch your internal channels.

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"Do I Have a Mother Wound?"

Take this FREE quiz designed to help you determine if you have a mother wound that is interfering with your outlook on life.

Additional Resources

Special Place Guided Meditation - $11

This is a meditation that guides listener to find an inner calm, through relaxing the body and mind and trusting the unconscious to awaken a connection to a special place that is all your own.

Visualization/Inner Strength
Guided Meditation - $11

This guided meditation aids in calming the body’s nervous system and thereby quieting the mind. Using visualization this meditation will create a clearing and healing experience involving the body and mind connection while also building on your inner strength.

Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation - $11

This meditation guides listener to a deeply relaxed state. Tuning into and relaxing all parts of the body. Guided body relaxing and visualization, this meditation encourages a sense of security, stability, and ability to have what you need.

Bundle of 3 Guided Meditations 
$22 - Save $11!

This bundle of 3 meditations includes all the  Relaxation Meditations for $22.
It's like getting one of the meditations for free!
You will receive the:
Deep Relaxation, Visualization/Inner Strength, and Special Place Guided Meditations.

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