A free guide to take a moment to unwind and soothe anxious feelings creatively.



I’m Mari Grande and I’m an experienced Art & Trauma therapist. Using art supplies you can find lying around the house as a soothing tool is easier than you would think (even playing with computer images can help!).

I’m sharing this simple exercise with you in a free guide which uses Mandala Art as a way to choose which feelings you would like to keep, and which you would like to release. You can use it anytime you feel stressed or in the mood for some emotional healing.

  • No art experience required.
  • No judging your creations.
  • Just taking a minute to breathe and release those anxious and possibly critical feelings.


What even is this Mari?

I’m glad you asked. Using the shape of a circle (Mandala) is a great way to help you focus your attention on the self, quiet your mind, and promote energetic healing.

Over the years I’ve discovered you can utilize this Mandala Art to keep the feelings you WANT close to you and RELEASE those feelings you do not want.

Don’t worry, I make it easy and walk you through it in this FREE guide to help you soothe those anxious feelings and calm those critical voices (sorry to say, we all have them! 🙋).

This Creatively Calm Exercise is helpful for you if:

  • You have trouble meditating to relax and are looking for another way.
  • You feel anxious and you need a way to relax quickly, even at your desk.
  • Your emotions feel overwhelming.
  • You’re tired of carrying emotional baggage that you KNOW you don’t need to carry.
  • You just want to play with colored pencils, crayons, or images and find it soothing.