Am I an Imposter? Overcoming the Mother Wound and Embracing Authenticity


As the leaves begin to change and the air carries a crispness that hints at the approaching fall, we find ourselves in a season of transition. It's a time when nature sheds its old layers as we prepare to embrace the transformative journey of autumn. Similarly, we can take this opportunity to reflect, review, and let go of what no longer serves us before we step into what's next.

This season of transition prompts us to investigate a topic that often lurks in the shadows, especially for those who carry the weight of a mother wound - the feeling of being an imposter. It's that nagging sense that whispers and tells us that we didn't quite get it right, that it wasn't really us who achieved our successes, and that we don't truly deserve to be in the spotlight. It's the belief that we'll never quite measure up to the elusive "others" who seem to excel in life effortlessly.


The Mother Wound's Impact

The feeling of being an imposter can be a telltale sign of a mother wound. This complex and often insidious attachment wound can leave us with lingering self-doubt, a lack of self-recognition, and a deep-seated fear that we will never fully be worthy of living up to our life’s potential.

It's a wound that can activate negative beliefs about ourselves and our achievements, no matter how great, and leave us questioning our abilities and worthiness. It can make us hesitant to step into the spotlight, to share our ideas our accomplishments, and to accept the praise and recognition for what is rightfully ours.

Embracing the Fall Season of Self-Reflection

As fall’s energy grows, let's harness the beauty of this season of transition for our own growth and transformation. Just as the trees release their leaves to make way for new growth, we, too, can shed the layers of self-doubt and imposter syndrome to let in fresh ideas and feelings.


Embrace Your Authentic Self

The path to transforming a mother wound from pain to peace is about embracing your authentic self through self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love.

We do this by connecting to our inner creative force. That’s what my art and writing prompts are built to do.

Follow these creative prompts and notice the difference:

1.      Pause and Breathe: Take a moment to pause and inhale deeply, hold for a moment, and exhale slowly and fully. Allow yourself to acknowledge any beliefs about being an imposter.


2.      Say Hello: Whatever belief came to mind, meet it, and say hello to it. Notice what that Imposter belief feels like.


3.      Draw what you see, a scribble, or an image. Use colors, lines, and shapes (we are not looking for masterpieces but expression and connection).


4.      NEXT: Reflect on something or someone you love. Tune into those feelings of Love and just hang out with that. Take as much time as you need.


5.      Draw the image of what Love is for you; use colors, lines, and shapes (we are not looking for masterpieces but expression and connection.


6.      Put both images of Imposter and Love on a single sheet of paper (draw or cut and paste).


7.      Release and Connect: Let the Imposter feeling meet the Love feeling and let them hang out together.


8.      Reflect and Observe: Place your drawings in front of you. Take note of what it is like to see in front of you what was asking for your attention inside of you.


This art prompt helps us to feel more in control of our internal world in a fun and embodied way.

Would you like to commit to shedding the imposter syndrome and embodying our true selves this fall?  

Join me for more embodied practices.


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