Do you have female clients who are processing a wounded relationship with their mother?

Mother Wounds are so common, yet they take unique insight, intention, and an individualized approach.

In this two-hour, pre-recorded workshop, we’ll learn about the characteristics of a Daughter of a Critical Mother and how best to support her. We’ll go beyond the first layers of perfectionism and self-doubt, diving deeper into inner experiences like shame, defenselessness, and attachment anxiety.

Whether you’re looking to build your clinical toolkit, refer a client, collaborate, or enhance your practice, this is the perfect place to start.

A Self-Study Workshop - Not a Live Event.


Mask making. What do we show? What do we see?

This experiential workshop is run by an art therapist and clinical social worker, for purposes of exploration, play and insight.

Please allow yourself up to 2 hours to complete this workshop.

When we say mask, we are not talking N-95, or anything that provides the protection we’ve been needing to avoid virus transmission. Please!

We are coming back to ourselves here. How we experience ourselves, and even how we experience ourselves in relation to others.

This is a pre-recorded, self-study workshop - you will be able to go at your own pace, pause the recording and repeat it as many times as you'd like - you have lifetime access to the recording.

An experiential art workshop in a self-study format


I’d like to share one of my favorite therapeutic art exercises - the Inside Outside Box - with you, in a workshop format.

Why a box? Well, just like us, it has an inside and an outside.

What are you experiencing on the Inside?

What are you showing on the outside?

This art experiential will be a supportive, non-judgmental zone for art, creative play and insight.

The workshop includes guided meditations and self-explorations in a group space.

Join us today!