What's In A Number?


Welcome to the month of May—a time of transition, renewal, and change. As the fifth month of the year, May holds the numerological energy of transformation and change, symbolizing a shift from the old to the new.

In the Western Hemisphere, we can fully feel the change in season as nature moves more completely into Spring. Buds are blooming, the grass is greening, and the allure of being outdoors grows stronger as we anticipate the warmer months ahead.

May also marks the midpoint between 0 and 10—a pivotal moment for reflection and introspection. It's a time to take stock of what we want to keep in our lives and what we're ready to let go of. As the academic year comes to a close and vacation plans begin to take shape, we're presented with an opportunity to realign our priorities and set intentions for the future.

Astrologically, recent and current celestial events are urging us to release old patterns, beliefs, and relationships that no longer serve us. By making space for the new, we open ourselves up to greater alignment and fulfillment in our lives.

I invite you to share your reflections, insights, and experiences of change with us. Whether it's a personal revelation, a newfound perspective, or a significant life transition, your stories are valuable and can inspire others on their own journeys of growth and transformation. Feel free to share here or join the conversation in our OCMW Facebook group.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Here's to embracing change and transformation in the month ahead!





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