Daughters of Critical Mothers: Immersive

This is an experiential online course that uses tools and resources that are unlike other courses.

I bring my background of Integrative Arts and Healing, my guided meditations where I implement calming techniques, journal prompts, and several other unique ways to support your exploration of the Mother Wound.

All with the goal to lessen the impact of having a critical parent as a child.

If you've ever felt:   

Dahlia_JG2_YellPurp_Lg  Too hard on yourself for small mistakes. 

Dahlia_JG2_Blue_Lg  Paralyzed by perfectionism. 

Dahlia_JG2_YellRed_Lg  Stuck by limiting beliefs and attitudes. 

DahliaYellow_JG3_Green_Lg  Unworthy. 

DahliaYellow_JG3_CyanRed_Lg  Last on the list of people who deserve your time.

This course is for you!

Daughters of Critical Mothers Immersive Group Course
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