Daughters of Critical Mothers: Foundations

The foundations course is an abbreviated, foundational course to help prepare you to join the in-person Zoom group that meets every other Thursday from 11:00am -12:30pm, Eastern.

This means you have already met with Mari, completed the group intake form and contract, and you reside in NY, NJ, FL, or CA.
DOCM therapy group is for adult daughters, who have been adversely affected by the relationship with their early caretakers, be it their mother or any mother figure. The group is a supportive, non-judgement zone. Once you have completed this 4 weeklong course, I look forward to meeting you in the DOCM therapy group.

In the course, as in the group, we use prompts such as writing, art-making, movement, and guided meditations. If there are any exercises you are not comfortable trying, please do not do them. These are not required, merely suggestions meant to support your learning.

Daughters of Critical Mothers Foundations Course