Group Coaching container to support you in the OCMW process.

Do you have any of these feelings? or other feelings than just these? 

  • Feelings of Unworthiness
  • Paralyzing Perfectionism
  • Attachment Anxiety
  • Self-Limiting Patterns

We have created a place for you to find support, and insight, learn, connect, cry, and play.

Yes, we even laugh between the tears.

Your Membership includes:

  • Continued access to the course you took 
  • Access to the most recent, updated version of the OCMW course
  • Monthly live Q&A Coaching calls on Zoom (recorded in case you can’t make it)
  • Exclusive Members Only site to share, post, and connect with fellow alumnae from all over the world
  • Tips and Prompts in the Monthly calls or inside the Members Group Page

** This Coaching container is not available for those who have taken the Foundations course, are in the OCMW therapy group, or are current or past therapy clients of Mari

We are committed to having a space where you will experience support, healing, learning, and transformation with like-minded women on a path toward wellness

We have options for you! 

Monthly Package


3 Month Package



6 month Package


Annual Package