Bundle of 3 Relaxation Meditations - $22

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Bundle of 3 Relaxation Meditations - $22

Bundle of 3 Guided Meditations for Relaxation

This is a meditation that guides listener to find an inner calm, through relaxing the body and mind and trusting the unconscious to awaken a connection to a special place that is all your own.

There are many ways to unwind, relax, and feel at ease. Use this guided meditation to assist you in finding a “Resource” within yourself. A Resource here means an internal emotional support. We will call this your Calm Place. A place you can go to again and again. A place to go to feel calm. Whether that is before or after a meeting, before sleep. Or whenever you feel the need to be more calm

This meditation invites you to find your Calm Place. It will help guide the busy day to day mind and body to feel more at ease, allowing you to be more able to settle and find a place that makes you feel better.

This meditation guides listener to a deeply relaxed state. Tuning into and relaxing all parts of the body. Guided body relaxing and visualization, this meditation encourages a sense of security, stability, and ability to have what you need.

When our bodies are not in an optimal state, our minds are usually not either. This guided meditation guides you in deeply relaxing your body and mind, by bringing attention and healing energy to areas on the body in need of release and relaxation. This meditation is meant to relax, heal, and support you in present and future plans, hopes, and dreams. This meditation also builds on your ability to experience relaxation and other skills you may not yet discovered in yourself.

This guided meditation aids in calming the body’s nervous system and thereby quieting the mind. Using visualization this meditation will create a clearing and healing experience involving the body and mind connection while also building on your inner strength.

Some people heal through sound, touch, aromas… Some people heal through visualization using their imagination or being guided. This meditation invites the body to fully relax and guides you through visualization experiences that include the senses. This meditation helps to restore mental, physical and emotional health through a calming meditation and healing visualization experience that supports you in who you are now and what may do in the future.

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All downloadable purchases (such as meditations) are final & non-refundable due to their digital nature.